Proto Man Helmet


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In mid-2019, I took a commission for a custom Proto Man helmet. I was supposed to deliver it at MAGFest 2020. I missed that date but thought I just needed another month or two.

Then COVID hit and the world turned upside down. My Makerspace closed down. All the cons were canceled. Even leaving the house was difficult. So the helmet went on the back burner.

Two years later, today's the day. The helmet is done and I'm delivering it to its new home.



It's been quite a journey. I started with an STL file from Thingiverse. That didn't suit my needs, so I modeled it from scratch in Fusion 360. Then I made three pepakura mockups in different sizes to get the fit right. Then it was off to our CNC mill to carve the model out of pink foam. From there it was a brush on silicon glove mold, a fiberglass mother mold, a slush cast helmet shell and a lot of painting.


PXL_20211108_141454261 (1).jpg

PXL_20211226_195318475 (1).jpg


It's been fun, but I'm glad it's over.

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