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Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by Disha, Sep 3, 2018.

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    Hi everyone,
    I want to pursue a career as a special effects makeup artist. Could you all please help me to guide about the best studio / college / school to learn about these skills? And how's the creative media skills to learn about FX and prosthetics?
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    Are talking more about make-up.. and special effects? ...

    or mechanical/FX stuff?

    If the later... you can start your learning anywhere... if you do not have any/much electronics experience, I suggest getting started with Arduino.... easy to get into.. teaches some basics that you can take elsewhere...etc..

    Very empowering.
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    Where are u based?
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    Likely one of the most important questions. Your location helps a lot if trying to get an internship or even a spot sweeping floors at a shop.

    You can always do what many did and still do, get books and watch as many tutorials as you can. The, now, old timers all started with books and simply watching movies. There was no internet or video tutorials outside of home made videos for sale via mail order or the rare convention. I always suggest skipping any school and saving that time and money. What schools will teach are the basics based on the teachers own personal experience. Many times this shoe horns the student into a set frame of know how.
    Learn the basic materials, watch tutorials online, dont be afraid to think outside the box but do realize past methods are tried and true. BUT, advancements in materials combined with CGI are constantly changing how things are done.

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