Pros-Aide or Perma-Wet???


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Hey all,

please excuse me as for me as german it´s also not easy to read all the correct informations out of a lot of already existing treads about these 2 materials. So I would like to ask that once again amd please excuse me if I would bother someone to ask this once again.

O.K. so is Pros-Aide and Perma-Wet allmoost identical???

I know that Pros-Aide would be used from moost of you here as a sealer to start painting with on latex skins or masks or other latex items as first base coat if I read the treads correctly.

So my question would be is Perma-Wet the same or would it be used for the same thing or do I have to use it at the end to get the correct shine on my latex items???

The next question I would have is the Monster Makers Perma-Wet fine to use or is that the only one that exists or could I get that stuff also from other producers or companys?

Once again I´m sorry if this questions would bother someone but it´s realy not easy here in germany to get first the right stuff do do a good paint job and I would not like to make any mistakes.

Greetings Guido


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they are two entirely different things. Prosaid is an adhesive developed for the medical industry. in FX it is used as a glue for prosthetics ..and to mix with acrylic paint to make something called Pax. in painting your predator mask, it will be used to bind the acrylic paint or inks to latex will hold on and prevent the cracking of just plain acrylic paint. Permawet is a polyacrylic sealer designed to finish a mask..seal the paint and give it a glossy look


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Hello ptgreek,

ty very much for that super fast and informatic answear and so I was not complete on the wrong way as I also thought that these both materials were different and now I knew it exactly. BUT it would be not much easyer now for me as Pros-Aide is not the big problem to get in Germany as I have that already but Perma-Wet is only to get by Monster Makers themselfs if I informed correctly so does anyone know if they would also ship to Germany?

Greetings Guido


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I hope it´s O.k. if I say you are my big Hero my friend. Ty very much I knew this side already as I found Pros-Aide already there but did not check them out also for Perma-Wet I´m such an idiot.

Greetings Guido
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