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I've bought a few things from Propstore and have been pleased every single time. In terms of the prices, does anybody know how the UK and US conversions are done as there doesn't seem to be a consistent conversion rate used?

For example, this item costs £199 or $345:

News Team Members Stunt Long Sword

whereas this one costs £195 or $269

Black Background Nazi Scalp

I know that one is in the US shop and the other is in the UK shop which could account for a slight difference but I'm not sure if a £4 difference would equate to a $76 difference in dollars.

Any ideas?

Prop Store

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Hi all,

As stated above, UK items selling within the UK are subject to VAT, and thus the stated GBP price includes VAT. UK products selling to the US are not subject to VAT, and thus the USD price is converted from the GBP price, and also less VAT.

Please see here for more:

Prop Store - Ultimate Movie Collectables

Prop Store


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Thanks for that. I thought it might be to do with the VAT but wasn't sure.

Out of curiousity, if an item is in the UK shop, should the US price be the UK price before the VAT is added, and then convert that to dollars?

Should the £ to $ exchange rate be very close to the $ to £ exchange rate?
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