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  1. Nexus6

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    Has anyone here purchased items from I was thinking about making a purchase, but they don't give you any idea (at least not that I could find) what shipping & handling will run. I realize it would be different for every piece, but before I go deciding to buy I'd like to have a rough idea on the additional costs.

    I guess my question is: if anyone here has bought from them, are the shipping costs reasonable?

    Thanks in advance...
  2. Dymerski

    Dymerski Well-Known Member

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    They are the best.. FAST and shipping is all depends on what you buy
  3. Sidewinder

    Sidewinder Sr Member

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    I've bought twice from them, they are 100% dedicated to getting the piece to you in perfect nick. If the piece is high value they may well ship it free. Give em a mail and ask.

  4. BAlinger15

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    As stated, top guys to deal with, just drop them an e-mail.

  5. Apollo

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    The best of the best...
  6. Gordon Gekko

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    Propstore is tops. Reasonable shipping and the best customer service. They recently sent me a very delicate, screen-used prop which was badly damaged in transit. I just sent them a couple of photos of the damage and they were able to send a replacement, express shipment at no cost. Can't recommend them enough.
  7. TomSpinaDesigns

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    I'll echo the sentiments here.

    They are the best of the best and shipping's always reasonable and items are very well packed.

  8. amish

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    Simply awesome. Shipping is quite fast as well. Highly recommended.
  9. judgedredd

    judgedredd Sr Member

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    they are excellent i ordered some props yesterday and they arrived today how about that for service:)
  10. PHArchivist

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    Propstore of LONDON, right?

    I personally consider them the premier source for screen-used props.
    --Great CS
    --Good with shipping
    --CoA provided
    --Price is set; no dilly-dallying around with auctions
    --They'll send you a Christmas card.
  11. vaderdarth

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    I've heard zero negative things about this company. Probably one of the best Customer Service records I've heard of to be honest. A buddy of mine does lots of business with Propstore.

    Dave :)
  12. Krel Jedi

    Krel Jedi Well-Known Member

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  13. TMP

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    I belive you live close :eek or it say allot about the shipping company :D
    But also that they in fact botherd to ship the same day :p
  14. hollywoodhardware

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    Propstore is top notch all the way. Why not inquire about the shipping costs for the item you are after?

  15. TK171

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    Huh? Luckily they just has another screen used one laying around? Don't know if alot of items they have have spares... BUT, that was very nice of them to do (and probably wasn't their fault anyways). gotta like that kind of Customer Service.
  16. Gordon Gekko

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    There were several of the items seen on screen at once so I imagine they had a few. But they could have said "file for the insurance" and left it at that.


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    Bought my screen-used The Princess Bride pike from them. Used their payment plan option and they were amazing to work with. Truly, one of the best online transactions I've ever done...
  18. armourerdoug

    armourerdoug New Member

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    Hey everyone, very nice to hear what you all think of Propstore, Stephen and Tim are very good friends of mine, I first met Stephen 13 years ago when I was running the Alien War London and he is just the best person to speak to, he has a huge love for props and believes they should be classed as an art form and preserved.


  19. docholl

    docholl Well-Known Member

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    Just did an order with them recently. Very happy with everything I received. No problems to deal with. If you have a question on shipping, just send them an e-mail.
  20. yakcam

    yakcam Sr Member

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    My views are the same as everyone elses here.

    They are professional and courteous, if I didn't have to worry about Australian Customs, I'd be buying alot more from them.



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