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Dear fellow collectors,

After 3 years online, our online store now features an ENGLISH website and International shipping option. After introducing our country fellows to this (almost) new hobby (for them) with the help of ExpoSyfy, we've been selling original movie props and wardrobe in Spain for the last 3 years. It's time to open worldwide and offer you another "hot stop" to your favourite hobby!

Many of you already have dealt with me privately and some of you already know of but the website will be now the center place for all the sales happening from now on.

Regarding ExpoSyfy

ExpoSyfy is a nation-wide exhibit we have held (and still do!) with the help of the SyFy channel in Spain thru NBC Networks. For the last 3 years, our Private Collection has been touring Spain and more than half a million people have already visited it. From a glorious spoon glove from the NOES saga to the bike Will Smith was driving on I, Robot... From Back to the Future to Game of Thrones... more than 200 iconic pieces have been visited by thousands of all ages / enthusiasts of the "sci-fi" and "fantastic" genre reaching even outside our frontiers to Oporto, Portugal last November, in their first "International" ComicCon!

I think nothing like this has been set up before for so long and with such a success being so targeted at the same time!



Following the path of the "big guys" in the hobby like Screen Used and of course Prop Store of London, whose doors have been always open for us to visit over and over (thanks once more, Stephen and Tim!), we target this project towards customer service and, needless to say, authenticity in each and every piece sold thru us. We also try to offer pieces from our own productions like Grand Piano (starring John Cusack and Elijah Wood), Buried (Ryan Reynolds) or Red Lights (Sigourney Weaver, Robert deNiro, Cillian Murphy) to name a few, and let our own productions be known outside too!

After 3 years online, we felt we needed to take the "big step" and keep growing... a growth we expect to be exponential now, specially thanks to you!

Let's call this first step a beta phase, as there is stuff that still needs to be translated, but we expect to finish this next week or so.

Should you find any "critical" bug with the checkout or tax system, please don't hesitate to contact us asap!
Please note the USD values are orientative only, and are affected by VAT if you reside within the EU, but all orders are charged in EUR.

Thanks in advance and hope to see you there soon at...


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