Props stolen in NYC!

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by zenix, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. zenix

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    I just felt like whining so I'm posting this thread...

    I went to NYC monday and came back yesterday. I was up there for a job interview at MakerBot Industries and to visit just for fun. Before going in to shapeways, I chilled at this corner market store called Bread & Butter in the upstairs seating area. With me I had my backpack which had clothes, a 1:6 mini han in carbonite completed with electronics, and my laptop. I also had a small hookah box, witha bunch of awesomeness inside.

    The box contained the best of the best stuff that I made over the last couple of years. A schwartz ring, a green lantern ring, a Dune Duke Leto House of Atreides ring, portal earrings, the original super 8 cube that I got the cease and desist letter for, a sith holocron, a set of metal dice, d4, d6 and d8, my Zathura key, an inception top and bishop, and my sterling silver dick tracy watch.

    I got up with my backpack, grabbed a slice of pizza, from downstairs, forgetting my box was next to the chair. Less than 5 minutes later when I returned with the pizza, box was gone =( and not turned in to the front desk or anything :angry
  2. Sundowner

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    That is such a bummer. Sorry to hear that.
  3. SciFiMuseum

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    Wow I am sorry man. That sucks so bad.
  4. T2SF

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    When I first read the story I thought it was just the hookah goodies box. But I'm guessing it's the entire box. What a ****ty thing. Security cameras! Witnesses! Look for them!
  5. Alan Castillo

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    I feel for you :(

    I had my briefcase stolen twice in my life (not even in the same country). I had my most precious items in them on both occasions, including passports etc.

    It sucks :(
  6. nightwing615

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    dang man, that bites! hope you get your stuff back :/
  7. rkpetersen

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    What a drag! I've been the victim of petty theft before as well, and it's no fun. What was taken may not seem like much to the cops, but it generally matters a lot to us! :angry
  8. ave4uevoli

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    you should really go back or contact the store and see if they had security cameras capture the incident.

    You could always make a report to the police if you have a picture from the security camera.

    I think its a long shot, but you never know.

  9. Rassilon

    Rassilon Well-Known Member

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    I am so sorry for your loss, I can't replace what has been taken, but I can offer you a Rassilon Custom Sonic (RCTS), as a gift to go towards your new collection.
  10. zenix

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    Hey Rassilon that'd be awesome! it look so cool. Also, you're in australia? You can hear me on the radio soon! at 2pm i think, thursday, which should be soon? on ABC Radio National... Download This Show... I'll be on talking about 3d printing

    ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  11. Rassilon

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    Ok that's today will have a look, PM me your details.
  12. thegreatgalling

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    So sorry to hear man. That's awful.
  13. DL4567

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    That's NYC for you.

    (Sorry, I do feel bad for you. That sucks.)
  14. EIDesignStudio

    EIDesignStudio Active Member

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    sorry to hear about that . stupid Monkey *******'s. I would check pawn shops if you could. the dick probly thinks he made a score dipsh*t..
  15. zenix

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    i was just up there for monday and tuesday, and i'm back in baltimore now. I doubt pawnshops would take it... I mean the watch didn't even work yet! and the other things were like gold plated, so they're not really valueable to anyone besides us. and that super 8 cube... just sentimental value to me really. aggrevating. at least I have the CAD files so i can remake them =/

    I was up there for an interview, and brought everything to show off stuff I made over the last year, but didn't have it for the interview! I didn't need 'em though because i got the job anyway =)

    Thanks for the support everyone, and the custom sonic screwdriver will be fun to check out! thanks!
  16. Noeland

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    Just one more "That sucks" here. I feel for you. I've had some props stolen before.
  17. jedimarkj

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    That is heartbreaking to hear.

    Glad to hear that your original files weren't stolen and that you will be able to rebuild; the silver lining to this tragedy I say.
  18. GeneralFROSTY


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    I say we tattoo him...and then we kill him.
  19. darthgordon

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    Ironically, the guy probably thought he was getting a hooka and didn't know any of the stuff that was in the box. So he probably pitched it. That sucks... but you DID get the job. So that's good. But the loss of your props suck.
  20. MooMooEgg

    MooMooEgg Sr Member

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    Ugh, that sucks that you lost all the stuff.

    But at least you got the job. Congrats! :thumbsup
  21. EIDesignStudio

    EIDesignStudio Active Member

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    Congrads on the job for sure.. I'm sure he will get his in the end.

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