Proposed Actors For New Spider-Man/Peter Parker


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I think they should cast this guy. I hear he's a pretty great actor. ;)




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If they want to really seperate this new series from the previous two, it might be easier to just use Miles Morales Spiderman instead of Peter parker.

I mean, i think a lot of people must be bored of Peter Parker, especially after the last one. He was bit a of crybaby if im being honest!

How about something different this time?

They say they based the comic of Morales off Donald Glover and he seems to be a big fan choice.

If they go with Peter Parker, its pretty obvious Logan Lerman is the front runner.


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I doubt they will go with a Miles Morales Spider-Man. These movies need to appeal to the larger, general public who don't read comics. Peter Parker IS Spider-Man.
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