Properly finishing joints btw parts?


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Hi guys

Please bare with me if this question is pretty basic, as I am new to the hobby again. I was just curious what is the best way to properly mate parts? If there is a gap between mating parts is it best to just to fill it with spot putty? Bondo? I believe I read somewhere that someone actually fit pieces of styrene to help the parts mate properly. I was just wondering what you guys find works best.

Thank you very much

I usually like to test fit the parts a few times carefully trimming until the parts meet flush then glue them. If I am still having a proble, or if trimming would take away too much material I like to use Glazing putty to fill in the gaps. glazing putty can be gotten at just about any auto parts store in the body work section usually about $2.00 for a tube. The stuff sets up pretty quick and sands easily (let it dry completely)

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Thanks Jedi Dade

Yes dry fit all parts before you try to glue them. If anything it helps to see how they fit, if not to find gaps. You can fill gaps with putty, styrene, or even superglue. A lot of hobby putties can be smoothed down with nail polish remover (the type containing Acetone); sometimes you can do this without sanding at all. With superglue, you flow some into the joint and you can either get an accelerator that instantly cures it or use baking soda, which I've heard also cures it.
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