Propatorium - [MN] Marscon, March 1-3, 2019


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Hey, Prop Dudes and Dudettes. Marscon, and the Marscon Propatorium, will be happening in the next month and a half. (MarsCon 2019: "Legends In Our Own Mind") And for the last 11, 12, not sure how many years, a small intrepid band of mostly mid-western prop builders and collectors have been showing off the latest or favoritest props that we've acquired or built. We have our very own room to call our own, and we call it... The Propatorium. Last couple years, it hasn't all quite fit in the room.... And this year we'll be moving to a different room that has much more space. For those of you who've been to the current hotel, instead of being located at the bottom of the stairs, we'll be at the top of the stairs (2nd floor) and to the left, across the hall from registration.

For the last 5 or more years, we've had the Cult of "Wis"Karo bringing in Daleks from the far side of Wisconsin. Plus we have at least 3 Minneapolis/St. Paul based Daleks which have been known to show up, plus Davros. (And a "working" Speeder Bike, but March isn't the best time of year to bring that around town.) And flying up from the more southerly regions, we have a kick-butt K-9, and K-9's "Master" does a killer John Leeson impression! We've had a mobile Tardis, and I think that'll be back again. What's the big deal about a Tardis that you can move around? It moves around on it's own.

This last few years (and in 2019) we've also had The Saber Legion ( They fight. Each other. With lightsabers. So they have a table and a bunch of demos over the weekend. Luckily, the ceilings in the current hotel are tall enough for them to actually fight. The Science Room has some cool displays, including a huge collection of model spaceships and other sci fi models. I believe several members of the R2 Builder's Club will be bringing a few of their droids with as well. We had 2 R2's last year, and I know that there are a couple more under construction.

We have some great party rooms, and also an entire Dementia Music track (Dr. Demento style tunes) with loads of Dementia musicians coming in every year to perform. The great Luke Ski arranges that whole area; in past years, we've had Paul and Storm, and Dr. Demento himself.

There are a load of other photos I should dig out of various hard drives and upload, but I have a lot of Propatorium pictures posted here on flickr: obi10_1999’s albums | Flickr

All in all, it's a great weekend to see and show off props, geek out about props, and hang out with other propcentric fans. There's plenty of other programming, parties, art show and events, but it's also sort of like a 3 day long prop party. Hope to see you there!


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Hey Propkids, only a couple days to go! Still plenty of time to fire up your tauntaun or strap your snowspeeder on and head to Marscon! Seems it won't be tropical. And reminds me I need to get a Snowtrooper outfit together some year. But the con takes place inside, so we'll be fine. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!