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Prop Store's Nilo Rodis-Jamero Reimagined Auction - Star Wars-inspired Artwork


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Prop Store presents an exclusive collection of 150 lots of hand-drawn artwork by veteran Art Director, Costume Designer, and Concept Artist Nilo Rodis-Jamero - a key designer for the original trilogy of Star Wars films. These works are an alternate take on now-classic film designs.

"I had fun re-imagining Star Wars and remembering what the designs looked like, and why. Once satisfied, I started sketching alternate designs and rekindling ideas that were dismissed along the way as we headed into production deadlines. I haven't entered this world since I worked on the films. Most of all, pen and paper sketches are such a blast. A tightrope walk without the net. Ideas either work or do not, there are no undo or delete keys," said Rodis-Jamero.


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This looks like a nice Idea but don't understand why it's in the production section, surely should be under collectibles?
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