Prop Store's Ghost In The Shell Online Auction 2.0


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Ghost In The Shell Auction 2.0 is here! Register today for our online auction of props and costumes of the hit film. Auction takes place January 16 - 30, 2019.
Nice. I got Ishikawa's "jacket and pants" costume, which I believe didn't make it into the movie. Groovy looking though.
I was able to get the finger scanner and beer bottle, the Major’s stunt double yakuza jumpsuit, and Batou’s interrogation costume. I did much better than the last auction.
I received mine on Thursday and received notification that my items were ready for pickup yesterday. They are pretty quick with these things. You should have received yours by now. You might want to call them.
I got one of the complete Section 9 SWAT costumes, the SWAT gun, a complete Section 6 assassin costume with rifle and one of the yakuza huffer sets.

And I just realized the SWAT costume is not "complete" as I do not believe I got a pistol holster! Per chance did anyone here win Lot 27 who could let me know what holster was used?
So, my package just showed up... and I havent paid it off yet as I chose the 1 month payment plan, just paid the down payment and then this just showed up without notice. Is that normal? I assumed it wouldnt ship until it was paid off.
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Got it sorted. I'm in Australia so it should arrive in a couple weeks.

I thought that would be the case as well Kylash, I remember reading it on the site. If I'd known they'd send it straight away I'd have probably done the same.

Would love to see everyones scores, be sure to post a few photos!

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