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Hi all. I have a question and hopefully there is a useful answer out there. I attached pics of a Star Trek PADD I bought from a user here last October. I love it. Great prop. But some of the gold trim sticker is bubbling up as you can see in the pics. Does anyone have any good advice that doesn't involve super glue to get the stickers to stay put?


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you might be able to heat it up in hopes of reactivating the adhesive. What seems to have happened is one or both of the following, the person didnt properly clean the surface before applying the decal or the oils/solvents on the person fingers applying them are to blame.


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a syringe and some more glue. not the best solution but if done carefully you'll never see the hole. I would also try heat as well first but be careful not to discolor or bubble the sticker. Best thing either way would be to try and recreate the problem with similar materials and practice first cause you'll only get one shot with the real thing.

Michael Bergeron

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WARNING ON THE HEAT. Be VERY careful applying heat to the bubbles. You'll heat the air inside and quite likely do more damage than good. It could discolor or get even more bubbly. If you're going to try it use an iron and a slightly damp cloth to minimize your risk.
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