prop room panorama pic


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Just found a cool app call photosynth that takes panorama pictures from your iphone and is free!

Here's a pic I took of my prop room

Download the app and share your prop room pic!


Well, it's more a Game Room than a prop room, but it's a panorama pic and it has props! :D

By the way: Who did those awesome RPF-Avatars you guys have there?


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thanks for the suggestion. that app is awesome. I just did a full mapping of my office. You know what would be really cool is when viewing someones "synth" on the app, if it used the compass and accelerometer like it does when you're making the photo so that you can virtually move around the photo instead of swiping with your finger.
still awesome.

Great collection by the way!


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wow amazing prop room. I love your jet fighter pilot helms,they're awesome.Really like the red one on the pilot. :) Great room and great helms.


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it's a nice app, anyway I prefer PANO, do a better job joining , and you van take all pictures you like

download the pics, (save it), open it in a small view window, and you have a full 360 pic
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