Prop Repair? MR TNG First Contact Phaser damaged


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Hello all! Been pursuing for a day or so and I have to say, this is an awesome community so far!

About a year ago a very dear prop of mine was damaged. :cry My Master Replicas TNG First Contact Phaser took a tumble from a high shelf and damaged the emitter. It was one of the last things my father bought me before his passing and I panicked. I attempted to try and fix it but honestly it just cascaded out of control with my general lack of knowledge and skill in the prop working department.

At this point it needs to be stripped and repainted most likely. I attempted this but it looks honestly terrible. The electronics are quiet/sketchy but I hear that is incredibly common with the MR phasers. I was curious if anyone in the forum has skill in this area and would be willing to work a price/deal for the repair. I can post photos of what I did to the poor thing once I get home from work.

Willing to pay, ship, and tip (for the above and beyond) through Paypal within reason.
Post a pic of the extent of the damage. If the MR matches the originals the paint is an over the counter color from Dupli-color. It should not be too bad. What exactly happened to the emitter? I think it is metal on those so it did not shatter?
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