Prop party for NZ guys and girls april 2019, easter weekend


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Just throwing an idea out there for another get together for us down here in little old NZ.
I was thinking about Easter weekend depending on what suits everyone.
Also location if it ok with blaxmyth perhaps try to keep it the same as last time which is now two years ago.
So hooefully we would have Indy magnoli, blaxmyth, tie1138, myself and whom ever else would like to come.
Please post on this thread for further tweets to the event.
Hopefully we can have another excellent get together.


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Yep, fine by me. My neighbour across the road has a large studio we could most likely use as a display/meeting area. He's also into props, so don't see any problems. I'll confirm it with him and let you know.


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Yep, Steve is cool with us using his studio. Only problem is that he's out of town that weekend so we'll miss out on his contribution.


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Hi guys

Just been having a yarn with Steve across the road. No worries at all with us using it, and he has set up everything from tea/coffee/beer through to a surround sound music system.

I hadn't realised how close it was to Easter until I had to post some chocolate eggs to my granddaughter this morning. So - are we all a go for this weekend? Saturday suit most people?

Really looking forward to seeing you there. I'm starting a bit of a downsize, so will dig out some non-storm trooper stuff for sale/trade/giveaway.

Cheers, Phil.

Nick K

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I'll be at your place Phil around 8-8.30am to help set up.(y) Looking forward to the day. I will bring along some current items I have been working on.


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Hey Phil, I'm looking forward to coming up, hopefully I should be there between 8.30-9am.
I'll be dropping olivia off to her aunties place in fielding.
I'm hoping to sort out some bits and pieces to bring up for trading etc along with my bb8/9 build so far.
I also still have my cylon armor to put together at some point as well.
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