Prop/model making magazines in UK??


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Hi there,
I was just wondering if you guys had any ideas for magazines that are available on the market. Just a thought really as I had seen one magazine (can't remember the name) and found it had lots of interesting ideas for things I'd never thought of.


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The only model mags are for trains and planes, nothing much for alot else. There used to be a sifi title but went out of business.


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The current format is kinda pricey. It's pretty big and printed on heavy paper, each issue is like a soft cover book.

The older version was just a magazine, not as pricey but a little more than most maybe.


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Great magazine. It used to be a regular bi-monthly mag with model and prop articles. The new format is good too, but the old back issues are worth looking for.

Agreed, but have you seen the prices some of the back issues go for....crazy! Glad I have most of them!

It's a seriously good mag, whilst's worth every penny!
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