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There was a thread not to long ago, I think it was Jedyfife, showing how to display a prop helmet on a wall.

I built these a while back to mount some of our helmets.

It's based off a motorcycle helmet mount. We have lots of motorcycles and I thought the design was neat.

I used junk wood (Black paint covers a mult. of sins). I'm cheap but you could use metal bent in nice lines or nicer wood.

Just an idea for those who were interested. Hope it's useful.
I built these a while back to mount some of our helmets.

Very nice indeed. If I used this idea to wall-mount my 5 or 6 Stormtrooper helmets, the room would look like an Ewok Hunting Lodge! LOL
Think about it.... humans hunt and kill Moose, Wild Boars etc. and mount their heads on a wall..... Ewoks hunt Stormtroopers and Biker Scouts, and naturally, they would proudly display the heads of their prey on the wall! :confused :confused :lol

I've attached a 'Visual Aid' courtesy of 4 and a half minutes with MS Paint ;)

I added some detail to these at someone's suggestion. Still need to add a name plaque of some sort to the front.
Your mount looks great! Have you thought about selling these?

No. This is something you could make with some wood and paint. I was just trying to inspire someone a bit with an alternative idea.

If you want to buy a spectacular looking helmet mount, search hdtheater...
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