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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Shoto, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Hello fellow costume maker's

    I need help to find prop guns that I can buy in Australia. Gas blowback would be great so that I can use them in short films also. BB guns are not allowed in Victoria where I live so I cant use them. I have looked at Armored Haven but they are wildly overpriced and not the best quality. If somebody could tell me of somewhere i can buy prop guns online or irl in Vic that would be much appreciated. - Plz No hate, this is my first post, - SHOTO
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    gas blowback? that only screams BB guns to me and their illegal in all states im pretty sure, or you gotta have a B licence or somthing i dunno but your best option would be hitting the local hobby stores or just making your own.
    hope this helps.
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    Gas blowback is pretty much a no-go.
    You can buy replica guns/deactivated pistols from army surplus stores and other online vendors – but there are requirements for owning them, and you can't take them to conventions etc. They usually have working slides/actions.

    The closest you will get are things like the M1911s on Armoured Heaven and giving them a good paint job. I came across a Facebook page that did some really amazing finishes but I can't remember what they were called. You might come across them too.
    As for being 'overpriced' – perhaps compared to the US, but that's nothing new. As far as pricing within Australia goes, AH is about as good as that will get as well.

    But yes, we're significantly disadvantaged in our realistic toy/replica gun options in Oz.
    You're pretty much looking at buying a good cap/toy base and refinishing it for the realistic look.
    For film purposes, some creative camera angles and some editing in After Effects can give you the slide effect.
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    There are plenty of guns in Melbourne...:lol

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