prop gun question......vaccumforming


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i am in need of some input. has anyone ever made a vaccum formed shell of a pistol and put a small blank gun like this one in a vaccum shell..

.i am wondering weither to do this, because i dont want to use anything louder than a 22 blank, and i thought it would be a fun project

i heard they have done this type of thing in several movies

what do you guys think.......could it work???


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sure why not. just be sure to fill the shells empty spaces with soem rigid expanding foam when the blank gun is in it.



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For movies they take real guns that fire blanks, usually revolvers, not starter pistols, and create a custom shell for them, usually out of rugged materials that custom fit, not vac-formed shells.

I-robot, Firefly, blade runner, new BSG, these are cases of the prop master taking a revolver and creating some sort of facade around the weapon to create a unique sci-fi gun. In films like Aliens or Starship Troopers they created facades arouns fully automatic weapons.

That specific type of starter pistol is a bear to load and fire. I'm not sure you would have success using this one, but what you are saying should work in theory. If you move forward on this, please post some pics. :)



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What is your price range? Because there are a few options in blank firing guns. Hit ebay and search "blank firing", or try Gun broker is another option. I would not suggest the Kimar line of revolvers. Mine broke after it fired about 20 times. ships worldwide and they carry some nicer revolvers, umarex is nice.



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I ordered a blank fire revolver from guns2u in Feb, and other than an order confirmation email I have received nothing. No respone to numerous email enquiries either.

SAS :angry