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Prop design help: impaled actor


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Hi, I’m hoping to get some assistance on designing a prop. I have a theatre piece where I need to design a “metal hook” on the wall that holds a lantern, but also impales an actor during a stage combat fight. For safety reasons I don’t want anything remotely dangerous. I was thinking some sort of firm collapsible foam that would pop back into position if the actor lands on it. I’ve never done anything like it so I’m open to other materials that might be easier to work with or appear more realistic.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Is the lantern on the hook the entire time? Is the hook removed from the wall and used as a weapon or is the hook mounted to the wall the entire time? With foam the chances of the hook being damaged is high so multiples will be needed if this is to be reset for another performance. The hook itself is a simple mould as is the casting with self skinning foam. If its a one and done being theatrical dont be afraid to go at it with upholstery foam and some plasti dip to coat it. You can get away with a lot theatrical as the audience is not close enough to critique the item as they would be eyeballing it through a camera lens. You may even find a pre made foam hook as Halloween items are being stocked already.


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The lantern would be removed, however the hook would remain on the wall and I’d love it if it could remain in place once the body is removed. If possible, I’d like to use the same hook for multiple performances. I could replace the hook each performance. I hadn’t considered that as an option before now.

Right now I’m thinking of creating a rubber casting of a hook that would hold its shape without being lethal. When it gets used, perhaps it would snap back when the actor moved without looking fake.
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Hi, I am not an expert, but what about latex or silicone? Of course, you need a negative form from a real hook, but then filled with latex ( also used for fake weapons and a lot more for Live Action Role Playing) could fit. When it’s dry, than could it hold the lamp and normally not hurt anyone.

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