Profiles in History holding 4 auctions next week, Dec 16th-19th

Premier Entertainment and Historical Document auction house, Profiles in History, is holding a series of unprecedented auctions the week of December 16th thru the 19th.

Below are the auction descriptions of each auction and the dates December 16th thru December 19th, 2014.

December 16th 11am PT:

Historical Auction #72

Featuring lot 76, Albert Einstein manuscript draft for a scientific paper on the development of his unified field theory – unifying Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism and general relativity.

DECEMBER 17, 2014

The Morris Everett, Jr. Collection auction at 10am PT

The Morris Everett, Jr. Collection of historic, vintage movie posters, lobby cards and other ephemera, is exactly that kind of collection – assembled methodically by one man, with one vision—to he best and most representative images from virtually every English-language film ever made, in addition to most every great foreign classic, spanning over 100 years of cinema history. Over 196,000 pieces of vintage, artistic promotional artwork are represented covering over 44,000 unique film titles. This collection will be sold as 1 lot.

A Celebration of Music: The Property of a Private Collector 11am PT

The universal language of music could not be more beautifully articulated in the extraordinary private collection. Amassed for over thirty years, the collection reflects the refined sensibilities of a veritable connoisseur of music. Highlights abound in both manuscript and printed form. Featuring Beethoven, Bellini, Handel, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Puccini, Strauss, Tchaikovsky and more!

DECEMBER 18, 2014

Animation Auction, Day

1: Lots 1 - 544

11a PT

DECEMBER 19, 2014

Animation Auction, Day 2: Lots 545 - 1081 11a PT

Over the course of 2 Days PIH be offering of over 1,000 unique lots of amazing art by Walt Disney, Walter Lantz, Hanna-Barbera, Warner Bros., Charles Schulz, and many others. Featuring lot 536, an original production cel of the "Hag" and "Wicked Queen" from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. (Walt Disney Studios, 1937)
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