Profiles in History auctioning ANH Obi Wan lightsaber


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Is there any way to warn potential bidders OR force PIH to shut the auction down?

Tan Djarka

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This is the second time in a year that someone's tried to pass off a replica as an OT prop (the ROTJ R2 launch saber). Maybe whoever wins the auction should pay with a replica check.

If you go to their website, you could send them an e-mail:lol


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Complete joke already.... must feel good making a living ripping people off...

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Not only is this complete BS it’s pretty disgraceful bringing the late John Mollo into this.

I met John on numerous occasions at his home over the last 10-15 years and at no point was this ever mentioned. I spent two weeks going through his complete archives, right from Charge of the Light Brigade, through Barry Lyndon, Star Wars, Alien, Empire, Gandhi, etc. etc and this just didn’t figure in any way.




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These people are ripper offers BIG time. They have a Gill man mask from The Creature from the Black lagoon and one from This Island Earth. They are not originals but from the same production molds. THEY ARE NOT ORIGINALS! Masks from these monster characters from the original molds have existed for years. Don Post studios has done it several times in the 60's and in 1999. Hell Forum Novelties sells their Gillman mask for $50 ish and it comes from the land version of the molds!

And that Death Star looks fake as hell. The original piece is located in the LucasFilm archives.

Edit: It says the Death Star is a replica....a poorly done replica at a price gouging offer. Photos of the original model are right next to it. Anyone with eyes can see how poorly done that replica is.

And that Vader, my god that vader looks just as bad. That Vader has zero tie in with any of the films production.

Edit: The Vader is along side with the Death Star is poorly made with cheap vinyl suit and is in horrible condition(going off the one photo they provided). Nothing about it is accurate to the original screen suits. And they want $80,000 for that just because its connected to ILM?
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The Vader is actually an original 20thC promo / tour suit. The price does seem on point for what it is.

But that Obi Wan saber is just ridiculous.


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I am 95% sure the Vader up for auction is the one used on for this packaging. It was also seen a lot on a ton of other promo material and toy packaging