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Hi everyone - long time lurker, first post for an active project ! Nice to meet you all.

Since a new Professor Layton game is coming out here in Europe (Professor Layton and the Last Specter) and I was looking for some easy projects to get back into making paper props : I started replicating printed and paper items from the games. There's plenty of these (all the games that I've played in the series so far, for example, start with a letter to the Professor and Luke) and they all have some quaint charm to them.

I decided to start with the Molentary Express tickets from Professor Layton and the Curious Village - picked up a reference .png from the fan-made Wikia and making vector versions by hand to train using Inkscape in the process. So far you can see in the picture what I've come up with - there are a few details that need adding in into the logo, and of course I'll have to either find a way to simulate the type of print used for the ticket In the meantime, any thoughts, advice and pointers appreciated !

*EDIT 1*
After a nice long day of work...
  • Added Molentary express on top of the logo
  • Corrected logo top crest, round instead of pointy, steeper curve
  • Added ticket numbers and destination (using modified characters from the LarabieFont)

Left to do :
  • Double set of lines to the left of the logo
  • Stamp at the bottom right of the ticket
  • I think that's about it ?
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