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Hello RPF,

I want to share with you a recent addition to my collection.

I had the opportunity, at the beginning of this year, to buy a pair of pants presumably made for ANH and manufactured by Bermans & Nathans.
The seller (who might be an RPF member - I didn't asked), also had a complete Rebel Alliance ensemble (from the awards ceremony at the end of ANH).

Here are a few words from the seller.

Hi there,
I obtained all three items from the same person in London at about the same time. He works for a company that makes military props for television and film, and because of his work he has a relationship with the costumier Angels of London. He was only able to get access to older military costumes from Angels (they usually do not sell or get rid of costume pieces) but because he worked with them, he had a special connection. Because many older Star Wars costumes got mixed in with vintage military costume pieces, he was able to carefully go through them and pull-buy out ones that had been used in A New Hope. He had previously found full costume pieces (matching tunic jacket and pants) but most of those went to auction houses and private owners. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to pick up these 3 pieces, but only because they were not part of a matching set.
I had planned on keeping these forever, but life events and other purchases have necessitated their sale.
Thanks again!!


I also wanted to get the matching tunic, but by the time I met him he didn't have any left. There were sets of this costume that were discovered at Angels, and several have been sold in various costume and prop auctions over time. I am sure that some where there is a collector with just a tunic and no matching pants, it would just be a matter of watching auctions for it to come up.
My assurance that these are ANH used is based upon them being produced by Bermans and Nathans, which only did this costume for ANH. New uniforms were made for ESB by another costume house, either Caledonian Costumes or Costas (most likely Caledonian Costumes). For RTJ all of the costumes were made by the Lucasfilms wardrobe department. All of the costume pieces from RTJ were retained by Lucasfilms, as were the majority of ESB. During the time of ANH there wasn't really much thought in keeping and preserving costume pieces, so that is why many of them went back to Bermans. It was during ESB that Lucasfilms realized that they needed to keep these things, though some pieces did make it out to lost places (like Han Solo's ESB jacket that was recently discovered and sold by Propstore). The fact that these pants were made by Bermans and Nathans confirms that they were used for ANH, and finding lost pieces of ANH and maybe some of ESB are really your only way to get Star Wars items, because Lucasfilms retains everything. Occasionally a piece will be offered at auction for charity, but even those are rare and very expensive.
If you haven't picked up a copy of the book "Star Wars Costumes" by Alinger and Lucasfilms, you really need to get one. It is like the Biblical basis for all original trilogy costumes and will give you a lot of additional background information. It should be the owner's manual for anyone who owns a piece of Star Wars film pieces.
Hopefully this gives you some additional insight. It looks like your item should arrive soon, based upon the tracking.
Thanks again!
I have the excellent book "Star Wars Costumes" by Mr Brandon Alinger.
It is an awesome read, you have some interesting details about these uniforms.

_DSC0094.jpg _DSC0096.jpg

Next are the pictures of the actual pants.
The colors are a bit faded but the overall condition is great for something that old.
Sorry I am not a good photographer.






I found that a complete outfit was sold in the 2007 auction "The Angels Star Wars Collection of Film & TV Costumes".

Would love to read if you guys have some more info.
Or just what you think about it.

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Yeah I have a set of these too, if the rebel outfit is the one I'm thinking it might be it wasn't anywhere as good condition as the one he showed me a couple of years ago. In fact it was me who told him that's what he had. He knew it was from the film but had no idea as to where or when it's seen.
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