problems with bondo (automotive body filler)


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I'm making my first iron man helmet and very close to painting it, however the automotive body filler leave small holes/dints/uneven areas even though I've probably done 4 or 5 layers
I've had a look at my local hardware store (from Australia) for any spot filler or something like that but it doesn't seem like anyone has anything, I've tried using spray putty but that doesn't quite work either
does anyone have any tips/tricks/ideas?


The thing with bondo is you have to work it until its completely flush. you can keep adding layers but unless you prep each layer the holes will keep showing up. Add the bondo and sand it flush. Wipe it down free of dust, wash it, and repeat for your second layer. Sanding is key when you're doing prep work. give this a watch for a basic idea. Hope that helps :)
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