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    Cut and Paste from a thread I had written elsewhere...

    For anyone that would like to take a proactive measure to block the compromised site please do this... If and when the dust settles you can undo it at a later date...

    No help for Apple computers as I don't have much experience with how they do this off the top of my head, but for Windows... This will vary by your install and Windows version but a starting point would be


    You are looking for a file called host

    Open this file with notepad and append this to the end of it...

    Now save the file...

    That will loop ANY request to the old domain back to your own computer, aka not go anywhere on the Internet just a loop back to you... To test it out, purge your Internet cache, and then either reboot and/or rerun your browser and go to it should fail to connect now... If it doesn't block the site make sure you purged your cached files, you are likely seeing a cached version of the site... To undo they changes if the dust ever settles, just open that host file backup and delete those two lines, and re-save...

    This way if you inadvertently click any link back to that 'other' site it won't work, this applies to email links, links on other sites, or even links on this forum that are still linked to the domain...
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    Art may I also suggest you do a manual SQL find/replace of the entire forum database? Or at minimum the thread body content tables?

    replace with:

    There are plenty of step by step instruction with a quick Google search depending on what user friendly SQL front end you have on the server.... Like this one for phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin search and replace | MybesInformatik

    Replacing the test will be confusing on some of the new threads aka the ones telling people not to go there but looking at the bigger picture it will prevent anyone from clicking a link in an old thread and unknowingly being redirected to that other site...
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    Already working on exactly that. :)

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