Pro wrestler Costume ideas/help


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Well, every year we oder the wwe ppv The Royal Rumble...we turned it into a drinking game, which is a blast!
This year someone made a suggestion that we all dress up like wrestlers...past/ present...whatever.

I was thinking Ric Flair.
We are going cheap and easy. Here's what I need.

A full body muscle, foam, latex whatever.
A robe, (bath robe will do) But I want one with the oversized sleeves
Blonde/platinum mens wig

Plan on having the wife bedazzle:lol the robe...and add feathered boas.
I have till Jan 29th any help finding cheap items would be appreciated.
I just think it would be funny to wear a muscle suit with the underwear over it .



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but he isnt muscular like hogan savage warrior cena hhh hes has always been know as flabby flair he even admits it in his book he just isnt a muscular person


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This is no help...
I dont want to phone it in...

Looking for info on a good wig, starter robe, ect.

I did however find this tarzan costume as a start, pretty cheap too.

The reason I wanted a muscle suit was because I am not going to a party in nothing but a pair of red trunks.

payton paison

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Great idea, Flair is my favorite all time. I did this for Halloween 1997.

I bought red sequin material and a robe pattern from a fabric shop. Then found a seamstress to take the pattern to and make the robe. Then I bought different size silver sequin material that were on rolls and cut them into pieces and fabric glued them (took forever lol) in designs on the robe.

Of course, I laid out and glued "Nature Boy" on the back of the robe using a larger size sequin. The fabric shop also feather boa's that kind of tied it together.

The blond wig was from a store and they sell much better wigs now. I just wore red shorts and had black high top shoes for the rest. Homemade title belt also.

The one thing that really completed it was the sunglasses. I found a pair that had that faded look at the bottom of the lenses.

This was a long time ago with limited resources so you can really do it up now.

We went to a party and I my wife go in before me and the 2001 Thus Spoke Zarathustra music so I could make a grand entrance.
Best thing was my friend who was having the party was dressed (I didn't know) as Macho Man. Lol
I'll try to post pics, have fun
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