Prioritising your builds.


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Having been made redundant at work as they have sent my division overseas, I have a lot of time on my hands the past month; however, I have too many ideas in mind. I'm sure plenty of you have multiple projects, how do YOU prioritise which gets worked on first or the most? Do you just set up a build order? Do you have a main and work on your secondaries when you need a break? Please share what works for you so you do not become over encumbered.


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i tend to build things for others so usually keep my builds in the order i have promised them, i am currently finishing up 2 Dr Doom heads, 1 Shrek head and 1 Loki staff, the pep side is built now i am in process of strengthening and mounting, next is a unicorn head for a friends daughter followed by an elephant head for a friend, as well as these i have several 1:6 scale iron man models from to build for myself, a bumblebee model with lights to build for my g/f, the arkham knight cosplay for myself using bandiets awesome files, not to mention a host of other transformer and iron man files waiting to be printed and started. my own projects tend to be attended to as and when i feel like it, those i have promised to others get done a little quicker and as i said earlier in the order promised.

my suggestion would be to work out if you need any of your projects more than others and prioritise them that way, if for example you need something for a convention then that would be the first to get done.


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I wish I could prioritize. I have gathered so many projects to be worked on that it's insane. road blocks seem to be my problem. I get stopped by a problem that I can't solve at the time of working on a project. but then I get bummed out and don't move to another. having all the materials on hand to complete a project Is a big factor in my opinion. but there Is always going to be that one project that is a pain In the rear.

my only suggestion would be the same as above. but also prioritize tools and materials to finish the project also. if you don't have it. you can't Finnish It...


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I have no real schedule, apart from an outfit I'd like done for a June convention. I have one I have a desired part for but can't find the part I want in quantities less than 1000, ha. Might start on some of the smaller projects.

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I'm in the same boat as Sean.
I work on things till I hit a block or need to get supplies.
Sometimes I just get board or distracted by something else.

Living in the middle of nowhere I usually have to order everything on line so finding what I need then waiting for it to arrive is also a factor.

If I have something that has a deadline then that is pretty much all I work on till it's complete enough (like a costume for an event)
Improvements and upgrades can be done later at leisure or when crunch time for another event pops up.

What part(s) do you need?
Perhaps someone on the forum can give you a hand on getting it.
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