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Hi guys. I'm really happy with the image output of my home printer for small paper prop stuff, but not so much with the ink. If I make, say an older document and then try to use a weak tea bath or something similar to age the paper, the ink runs and eventually is no more. It looks lime some sort of modern art masterpiece if even a drop of water gets on the finished piece, no matter how long I let it dry.

So I was looking around for replacement cartridges when I found a place that offered them in a different variety of inks, which is where I need y'all's help.

See... reading about dye vs pigment based ink, durabrite vs ultrachrome... it's all greek to me.

What I'd like to get is ink that won't run when it's subjected to water and has a reasonable colorfastness so it won't fade.

My printer is an Epson Stylus Photo R220 if that helps. If it would be easier to just switch to a different printer, any recommendations would be welcome as well.
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