Prince of Persia movie and game costumes


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That's right, I'm finally doing it!

I've been planning to make this costume on an off since months before the movie came out. The movie being a terrible piece of crap dissuaded me for a while, as did being broke, but now it's time. My plan is to finish this costume in time for Halloween. I haven't really started the building phase yet, but I'm over half way through the buying phase. Here's what I've got so far. Apologies for the poor photo quality, the lighting is terrible in here:

Brown corduroy fabric for the pants:

Embossed leather for the chest armor (will have to be dyed evenly and backed with more leather because it's really thin):

Some spare cowhide I may dye darker if need be and the deerskin I'll use for all the bound trim:

The two main suede hides for the boots:

My first attempt at making the right arm bracelet. Wrong type of lace and it broke before it was finished:

And the UC dagger and sword. Both are beautiful pieces. PHArchivist posted some great photos of the dagger already, but I'll probably take some better photos of the sword in a while and post them here. Neither is very sharp except the tip, so I'll be wearing them both to my Halloween party.


Things I've ordered that haven't arrived yet:
Combat boots
Light brown lambsuede for the boot trim
The cheapo Halloween costume, just for the center chest emblem
Lacers to hold the armor together in the back
Metal bracelet sort of similar to the original, but not $1000
Silver beads similar to those on his third wrist bracelet
Proper type of lace for the first bracelet
And last, I've commissioned a member here who is a fantastic sculptor to make most of the metal bits for me. All of the conchos on the right arm and boots, the plates on the left arm and hand, the belt buckles, and the chest snakes.

Things I still need to get:
Leather dye
Chicago screws (to mold into the resin conchos)
Black suede for between the chest belts
Chain for the necklace
Belt buckles for the backs of the 3 waist belts
Some silk for the stripes and trim on the pants
Red linen for the sash
I'm talking to another member here about 3D modelling the slide buckles on the floral belt if the other member doesn't have time to sculpt them for me
A large cow hide for backing the chest armor, making both gauntlets, and the boot straps
A good lace front wig

I'll be making the brass plates that line the bottom chest belt out of foamies, there are two distinct ones, then I'll mold them and pour 30 or so casts. I've also got a brass plate I'll be using for the backings of the waist belt front buckles. They'll support the resin buckles and take all of the strain off of them so they don't break. I've ordered a sample of some brass embossing foil for the trim on the chest armor, I'm hoping it'll both hold the detail I need and remain flexible enough to take the armor on and off. If not, I'll have to use foamies.

So there's the boring setup. My future posts will follow my build the same way I did my Jack Sparrow thread. I'm psyched to get started on the boots, that's the first part I'm going to work on.
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Re: Prince of Persia movie costume

A couple things arrived in the mail today.

Lacers for the back of the armor. Not accurate by a long shot, but good enough and they're metal, which is where it counts. Did a gold rub n buff test on one, turned out alright. It'll work better when I'm not worrying about the mess.

I also received the metal embossing foil samples I ordered for the rib cage and neck trim. Gold plated aluminum on top, brass on the bottom. There are certain things I like about each of them, but unfortunately they just aren't practical at all for a wearable costume. It looks like I'll have to go with foamies.
Some more stuff came in the mail.

The second bracelet. Its kind of a nightmare, it gets twisted up really bad and it's nearly impossible to untwist. If I can find something better I'll change it out. This one was only $4, so I'm not too worried.

And I got a really nice piece of lambsuede for the boot trim.

I also hit the garment district and got some more things:

A pretty good silk for the pants stripes and trim.

And everything I need to make the metal necklace (chain isn't incredibly accurate) as well as the back belt buckles and some square studs for the trim pieces on the inside of the boots. They'll have to be RnB'ed gold as well.

I've also changed the thread title because a friend of mine decided that he'd like to dress up as the prince from the SoT video game! I'm pretty thrilled to be able to make both costumes, especially since I only have to pay for the materials for one. He'll be going for the cover art version, which saves a lot of time and money because I don't really have to make the shirt or the chest armor. So we picked up a lot of the parts for his costume as well.

Some white linen for the pants. Found a high res image of the cover and the weave of this fabric even seems to match pretty well.

Ribbon for the stripes on the pants. This is the part I was really excited to find. From that high res shot, it looks like this stuff is REALLY similar to the cover art. The width is also not uniform, so it looks hand made.

Buckles for the baldric and belt. Should have been two different sizes, but selection of buckles that large is incredibly limited.

And some gold leather for the trim on his baldric, belt, and gauntlets.

Unfortunately, the boots I got on ebay to make the movie boots have been delayed for a couple weeks, the seller was nice enough to leave town before shipping them. So I'll have to take care of the pants in the meantime and maybe knock out my friend's costume so I'm not rushing to finish both right before Halloween.
No progress on the game costume yet, but I did get the cheapo Halloween costume from Disguise in the mail yesterday. Just what I was expecting. I took this off of it:


It's had a bit of rub n buff applied to it. I think I might need to switch from the antique gold to regular gold to get it to the lighter color. I also got the new lace I'll be using for the leather bracelet (pics of that when it's finished) and I think a very large cowhide is waiting for me in my apartment mail room.
Finished the necklace:


And made another draft of the bracelet. It ended up looking great, but it's too short, it should wrap the wrist completely twice. 10 feet of lace wasn't enough. I'm going to buy another 25 just to be safe this time and try again.


Anybody want this one for the cost of materials? Feel free to PM me.
Things are still moving slowly. The boots are on their way to me, and my friend ordered some costume boots for his. Because he's not too big on accuracy and the waistband will be completely covered by the sash, I'll be making his using a (hopefully) unaltered pajama pants pattern with an elastic waistband. No fly, no problems. Mine will be a different story.

I also found a great deal, so I caved and bought another Shamshir. It'll look great on the wall and really complete the look having both swords on my back. Considering how cheap they are now and the fact that I finally found a job, I think it was well worth it. As it stands now, all I still have to buy for the costume is more lace for the bracelet (unless I just decided to stick with this one). The guy who's making the "metal" bits for me has sent some design pics and it's looking good. Oh, and I got bored in class the other day, so I patterned the chest armor on graph paper.
Took some effort to make it work, but I rearranged the plaque to hold both swords. The picture's still bad, will try to get some better ones if I have time.

OK, as promised, here are some better pictures of the sword.

The screened designs on the blade aren't very impressive, I'm sure the real thing would have been embossed and filigreed. The blade also has some fairly fake looking notches chipped out of it.

The handle is really nice, though.

The guard

The pommel is especially nice, cast off the screen used according to the paperwork.

The only thing it's missing is that this strip of metalwork should also run down the front of the handle.

Also, I just got news that my wig is ready and will be shipped out soon, hopefully on Monday. It should get here with just enough time to get it cut. Fingers crossed it's the right color.
You didn't like the movie??? I love it! I love that it's just a fun action flick with good music and pretty costumes. It's one of my go to movies that I put on in the background to work to because it tends to relax me for some reason lol. But in a good way! Not like in a this is awful boring way hahahaha. Also this costume is intense!
I loved the costumes, too. And I just listened to the soundtrack on youtube today while working and it was pretty great. They even managed to incorporated the PoP2008 theme into the end credits. I just played through that game again this week and gained a whole new appreciation for it. What I didn't like about the movie pretty much came down to the script. Some of the dialogue was painful to sit through.

So today I patterned both pairs of pants. The game pants are just Simplicity 5271, no alterations necessary. The movie pants were a bit more complicated, any I won't know until I sew up a test pair whether or not they'll actually fit me or line up evenly.

EDIT: Here's a pic of the movie pants pattern. The black lines are the changes I have to make to the fly. It's a weird one, from what I can tell there's a button on the right front of the pants near the stripe and the flap had two lace ties that wrap around it. I don't see any other forms of closure, so I'm adding the same flap onto the opposite side to provide extra coverage while sitting or bending. It wasn't until I took this picture that I realized how silly skinny pants patterns look.

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I ordered the wig here:

Cheap Wigs - Buy Wholesale Wigs,Hairpieces,Toupee from Wig Wholesaler

I want to say it was this one:

Diamond Lace Front Wig - Cheap Wigs

I ordered it there because not only was it the cheapest I found, but it was the only place I found that sold wigs in whatever color you wanted instead of the very limited, one-obvious-purpose-and-works-for-nothing-else range of black, dark black, really dark black, and bright red. I ordered mine in 6, which as far as Kanekalon hair is concerned, matches mine and Gyllenhal's hair perfectly. I'm really hoping they're using Kanekalon/the same dye lots. I would have much rather bought one locally, but there just wasn't anything in a usable color.

Not much progress today, had a lot to do. Managed to cut out the pieces for the my friend's pants, as soon as I get a bunch of thread for the overlocker I'll put them together.
I got a lot of work done on both pants, but don't have any pictures, partly because muslin is a bit transparent. I do have sash progress, though.

Here's the fabric for mine, 100% linen. It's a bit thicker than I would have liked, but it wrinkled perfectly and from memory it matches the color just about exactly.


And today I picked up the video game sash material and the buttons I'll be using on my pants.


The video game costume is actually nearing completion. With all I have to do we nixed the gold binding trim on all of the VG leather gear, it'll all be painted instead to save time. The belt is also off the table for the time being because I don't have time to drive up to my parents' house to pick up my old dagger sheath. Nothing to hang off the belt makes it a bit redundant.
My boots came in. They had a piece of foam padding inside the top, so I cut them open and removed it.


It's a really good thing I already made my Jack Sparrow and Mal Reynolds boots before these, otherwise I'd be totally out of luck. It's a very different boot with all new challenges, already having learned the basics was necessary. To save time, and because these boots are much less..... tailored(?), I'm working more intuitively and basically draping the pattern over the boot/my leg as I work. So far it's working out, and this is the hardest part of the boot. They consist of three major sections: The shaft, the upper, and the wrap. The shaft is 4 pieces with two trims. I currently have 3 of those pieces cut and glued together and one trim piece glued down.


Whether or not I sew these pieces will depend on if my sewing machine can handle them. Either way, I don't have the skills to sew them without gluing them first.
Pants are coming along, I've got one side cut.


The game pants are also half sewn up. I had a realization this morning that the stripes on the movie pants aren't silk at all, they're actually leather. Now, I'm not about to go out and buy a leather hide to use because it would be difficult to sew in, it would be much more prone to tearing, and and I'm flat broke. So now I'm trying to decide if I want to stick with the silk I already have or if I want to go get some faux suede. The suede would look more accurate, but as of right now, the entire costume is 100% made of natural fibers, and I think there's something kind of cool about that. I don't know, I have a day or two left to decide.
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