priming a rubber surface for painting?


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Hello! I am working on a Han in Carbonite and it's pretty well mixed in terms of materials I am painting on. The main front part is a very rigid black rubber material and then the box is wood and other coverage going on hardened wood glue.

Does anyone have a good suggestion on what is a good base primer spray to use on a rubber surface? I know there's combo paint/primer spray, but from everything I have read and understand, it's better to start with an all-black coat and then doing the gunmetal silver.

Thanks for any advice on this. I don't want to screw up painting the rubber and experience bad cracking or anything.


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Mix up acrylic paint with liquid latex. Google how to paint a rubber mask, lots of video tutorials out there, or pop over to the Hunters Lair forum, lots of info there on painting rubber/latex/etc.
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