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I started watching price is right back in 1980. or so I was told.. apparently I used to be plopped down in front of the wheel when it was on, and it kept me entertained till the show ended. I guess from then on I was hooked.

back then, the show was simple. 6 games. you got time to know the contestant a little. bob found out who they where and where they where from so you wanted them to win. The models where entertaining and aloud to talk.... and the show went like that for 30+ years. enter Bob's twighlight years. Mark Goodson was no more. Freemantle (or Dismantle as I like to call them) took over. Bob got slower with age, and even I thought it was time for a change.

but, what we got wasn't what I wanted. I would have thought Marc Summers would be the PERFECT Bob Barker replacment. they have the same style...only marc is known more for working with kids on double dare. What we got instead was an un caring drew carey.

At first his energy level was refreshing and catchy. But, once you got passed that show and started to realize that he didn't seem to care about things, it grew real old real quick. By the time I finally gave up watching, in one year he hadn't learned all the game rules. he stumbled around for things to say...and grew increasingly depressed when a contestant lost, brining the show to a complete halt as he almost wanted to punch the game board hoping for a win.

And fremantle didn't help either. I don't know how, b ut at the start of drews tenure, the losses seemed to pile up far more than wins and the excitement was gone. even worse, if they did win, it was some rediculously expensive prize, like a 150,000 dollar boat that they'd never be able to afford taxes on it wouldn't matter if they won or lost.

I havn't tuned in to price is right since at least 2007 (I forget when bob left, but it was drews second year)....eventually this loyal friend and true said 'I can't take anymore'...

any other pricing fans feel the same way? has it gotten any better?
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I'm 38 and have been watching since I was 6... I JUST had a week of work sick, and so of course tuned in to the old Price is Right.

I still enjoy it, and Drew Carey seems to have gotten MUCH more relaxed. He got a LOT of crap for coming off like he didn't care to be there for those first seasons. And then of course there was the guy who got the price right on the money, and Drew showed no reaction at all...

Which was explained later that they cut the show, and spent like 40 minutes in panic mode thinking there was cheating involved.... by the time they commenced, the moment had passed and it was still being investigated... (turned out no cheating, by the way)

My big shock from the viewing last week was seeing MALE "beauties"...

But people still get over the top excited for plinko.... (enjoy your 100 dollars) and I'm still convinced you can put any number in "Safe Crackers" and it will open.

However lets talks Drew Carey weight Then Now... weird to see him so skinny all the time (I was a BIG Drew Carey show fan...)
I remember watching it all the time in my before school years, sick days and snow days from school. A portion of an episode I still remember is coming back from a commercial and I guess they had drawn some kid's number/name from the audience and Bob had a whole pile of GI Joes and Transformers for him.

Stopped watching after high school except for some days maybe catching it and commenting on how old Bob looked now(this was years ago).
I started watching when you could win a car by guessing a three and a six to start out the four digit price tag.

As much as I loved the Drew Carey show, I don't like him as the host. I don't watch it any more on those rare occasions when I'm home for it.
Skinny Drew is much better than Fat Drew. Probably due to the fact that getting into shape gives you more energy for one. He's much better as a host now, and I really like when they do prime time specials, and a couple of people have flat out won $1 Million. You want a crap moment in TPIR history, this was During Bob's tenure, it was a showcase and the contestant was a single guy and the showcase was called "The baby room". Yes, all LAME prizes that even if you were a pregnant woman this showcase would have sucked. The guy made a semi sarcastic crap bid, and you could see Bob was NOT happy at all. Whoever designed that one I'm sure got "The Pink Slip" Showcase.
I have to ask since I've always wondered: is this the gameshow that Palmer was watching in The Thing? :D


That's "Let's Make a Deal," which gave birth to the phrase "I'll take what's behind Door #1, Monty." People would also dress up in outlandish costumes (as you can see) in the hopes of being selected to go on the show.
And at the end of the show he would go into the audience and give away money to people who had whatever random items he would ask for. It was also the basis of the phrase "Monty Haul" when a Dungeons and Dragons game was too easy and you basically just got free loot.
Loved TPIR. I remember spending summer vacations watching it, and getting annoyed when our antenna would give us bad reception while watching it. Not a Drew Carey fan at all as host of the show. There is something still not right about him. Very stiff, and has no game show smoothness. When they made the announcement that he was the new host, I couldn't imagine why they chose him. Marc Summers would have been good.

Once in a while on a day off I'll watch a little of it. They may have kept the music, 70's motif and colors, but it's dead to me.

I did happen to catch when Bob Barker was the guest host on his birthday. That was touching. But Drew had absolutely no awe, or humbleness towards Bob. Seemed like, "ok old man, let's make this quick".

Drew is a horrible game show host, but he's lucky he has the strength of such a good show to keep him alive. I'm not even sure how he got his name thrown into the hat for consideration.
Cool thanks. I could never find any info about it, even on imdb trivia.

There's a new version of that game as well with Wayne Brady as host. Pretty entertaining... the ultimate in greed making choices...

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Drew is a horrible game show host, but he's lucky he has the strength of such a good show to keep him alive. I'm not even sure how he got his name thrown into the hat for consideration.

From hosting "who's line is in anyway" which was still going strong back in those days...
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I guess nobody likes to see their favorites go away. Just reminds us how old we're getting. :lol So we like to b!tch about it.

I had the same problem with Jimmy Fallon hosting the tonight show. I was never a Leno fan, that show died with Carson for me. But I will admit, Fallon is growing on me, his skits are really well done, but his interviews suck. To me they sound like that awkward conversation you have with a girl you like, but you don't really know her, and are always too shy to talk to her.

For the longest time, Fallon had that phony, over the top, humble, star struck personality, and it got old. I never thought he was particularly funny. On SNL he'd always flub his lines and crack up during skits, (which is funny sometimes, but he did it a lot).

Not to derail the thread. LONG LIVE BOB BARKER!
I would love... LOVE, if someone played the game "Hole in One" (mini golf game), missed the first putt... and then as they are waiting for Drew to say, "Lucky for you, this is 'hole in one... OR TWO!'", Drew just shakes his head sadly. Drew never hits the button to flip the sign to "Or TWO!"... he just shakes their hand and leads them off. The look on the contestant's face (if they knew anything about Price is Right) would be absolutely dumbfounded.
There's a new version of that game as well with Wayne Brady as host. Pretty entertaining... the ultimate in greed making choices...

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From hosting "who's line is in anyway" which was still going strong back in those days...

Lets make a deal is constantly entertaining I think. Wayne Brady and the announcer seem to 'get it'. not so much with drew carey. at least that new announcer george grey seems to try to care, even though he's really over the top. But I like him better than rich feilds. something about that guy came off as fake.

also, regarding drew... keep in mind this is also the same company that actively considered making rosanne bar the host.
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See I never got the reference in Happy Gilmore when I was a kid because this is/was the face of Price is right here in Australia [or Ian Turpie if born before 1989]

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