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Star Wars Price Drop -- Rey Scavenger Lightsaber Master Chassis DIY Kit

Sold for 545 USD - Out of Stock
I purchased the Rey Scavenger lightsaber from the Saber Armory with the Master Chassis DIY kit, planning on hiring an expert to install the kit into the lightsaber hilt for me. However, I decided to just have a static display to match my other sabers, so ... I am offering up the Master Chassis kit. Based on what I saw on SA's web site, when installed in the saber, this kit is impressive.

I dropped the price to $545 shipped/insured (US sales only). This price is about 30% off the cost of adding the kit to the saber purchase (SA didn't offer the chassis separately, though it can be purchased from the maker (GOTH3Designs)), plus no waiting.

I did not open the individual part packages so the pictures don't show any detail, but figured it was safer to keep them in the packages. It includes all the parts identified by SA.

Thanks for looking, any questions, please ask.


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