PRICE DROP - #2 Plaque - Regal Robot Body Slam Holochess - For Sale/Trade

Sold for 1300 USD
For Sale or Trade - Regal Robot Body Slam with #2 in World Plaque - Holochess

Selling an extra bodyslam that I bought, these are $1500-1550 plus tax on eBay, but for those who care about plaques/edition, this one is labeled number #2 in the world.

PRICE - $1300 shipped anywhere in USA - local pickup available
Willing to trade for Star Wars or Batman collectibles of equal value

These sets contain detailed copies of the puppets used in the Dejarik™ scenes in the Star Wars™ movies. Each resin replica is a replica of the original puppets, painted by hand and made to the same scale as the original props. The replicas were created using digital files made in 2015, which were based on 3D scans and photogrammetry of the original props used in Star Wars: A New Hope™. These files, along with reference materials from Lucasfilm and previously unseen photos from 1977, were used to create very detailed replicas that maintain the integrity of the original puppets. All of the pieces in these sets will be made in the U.S.A.


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