Preserving unused air dry to?


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Most recommendation are to store in an air tight container, but it has been
my experience that most containers are not all that air tight. Anyone have
any recommendations for a specific container *known to be air tight or any
"above and beyond" measures that can be taken if one doesn't have or can't
find a totally air tight container?

I been using ziplock bags for my clay. They been able to stay "moist" for a couple years.
They have sometimes gotten punctured by other stuff that i keep in the same box but i just put the dried clay in a new bag and pour a little water in and ziplock it tight and after a few days of moving the clay around in the bag it's as new again.
use some cling wrap, wrap your unhardened clay with the cling wrap then put it inside a zip lock bag. This should keep it moist and safe, its also a good idea to put some water on it before you wrap it up. That way even if the ziplock bag gets punctured it should still keep well in the cling wrap
Thanks! That simple, huh? Wonderful! I was thinking I was going to have to go to the
container store and get something hermetically sealable and pay a fortune. Ziplock and
and cling wrap FTW!!

For long term storage you can get a spray bottle and mist the surface with water before you wrap it up... But, beyond that just keeping air out is all you need to do, even a good thicker plastic lawn and garden bag twisted and tied will work...
Missed ExoRay's post while typing>

Kitchen sponge wet, not dripping with mild bleach water. Throw it in with the clay in a garbage bag, press outair, wind top and tie loose knot. Slip in another bar and do the same. Just sculpted with some that's 7 years old. A really wet sponge will help bring back clay that's not dry but has gotten too dry.
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