Presenting my Han Solo ANH DL44 Blaster (all metal)


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So my quest for this magnificent prop is finally over. I have loved this one for years now and never got around to finding a kit or spending enough to buy one already done. When DMachinist offered this all metal kit, I knew I had to do it. I studied lots of pics and decided I wanted it to have the nicks and dings of the real one. I am NOT an authority by any means, so I'm sure there are things I missed or that could have been done a little better. BUT I'm extremely happy with it. I hope you enjoy!







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Spectacular finishing job! The kit is amazing in its own, but you really colored it up/weathered it perfectly.


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Thanks so much for all the great feedback!! :)

What didn't I use to finish it. Lol. Let's see, I painted all the kit parts with John Norrels Moly Resin black, brass weathering solution for the scope ends, diluted aluminum black on the nozzle, a mix of browns for the rust that I dry brushed on, gold and black painted on the scope scratches, I also dusted the scope with graphite to help with the sheen, then steel wool around most of the gun. I also scratched the paint off with dental tools on the scope mount. The disk on the backside is a machined aluminum disk I made then used aluminum black on.

There are a few things I'd do different like remove he Denix logo and add crosshairs to the scope.


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That Molly resin black sounds very interesting, never heard about anything like that before. Did you use the flat or semi-gloss? I'm really curious about their "air dry" line which can be used on resin. If it looks anything like the finish you've achieved it would be amazing. Really great blaster you have there, congrats!


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Norrels moly resin is awesome stuff. I did the regular and heated the parts to 150 degrees and sprayed them using last black. It's mainly for firearm use, so it's pretty durable! John is a super nice guy too and lives 30 minutes from me. I bought the air dry stuff before but the shelf life isn't that long. I pulled it out and it was solid after a year I guess. So buy that in the quantity you want to use. The others shelf life is great.


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Killer job. I went the kind of the same route with mine, paint & weathering. I used flat black for the body and mount, satin black for the scope and AB for the FH. I then used dark brown paste wax on everything except for the FH. it gave it a great feel. I can get over the Denix logo...a little bronze rub & buff on the scope knob maybe.:thumbsup
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