Prehistoric Planet on Apple TV+

Too Much Garlic

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Yeah. You can get a 7 day trial. I'll have to look into how this show is aired, and will sign up for the trial to see the whole thing.

This is what I had hoped the Jurassic World series would have done instead of going down the lame hybrid monster road. Going towards more correct ones instead of a million miles away. To show the differences between the old Hammond dinosaurs of the nineties and the new ones.

Owen said it well: "They're dinosaurs. WOW enough!" If only the movie had followed that exact advice and not made just another '93 Jurassic Park knock-off.


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Whew!.. Thought for a minute they were doing yet another cut of Планета Бурь (Planet Bur aka Prehistoric Planet)
Planeta Bur.jpg

Too Much Garlic

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David Attenborough gives it that added quality

Really looking forward to this

Yeah, word on the street is he declined narrating the Walking with Dinosaurs series because it was too speculative. So having him linked to this project... oh man... that just hypes me up beyond the stratosphere. :)

Seems they'll be aired on consecutive nights, so within one week. Gonna be so great.

Too Much Garlic

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Playstation users who hasn't signed up to apple+ TV previously seems to be able to get 3 months free. Just be careful NOT to sign up through their website instead of through the playstation app, as that will only give you a 7 day trial. It was hard to find the info, so I accidentally signed up for the wrong trial.

Too Much Garlic

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Watched it all now. I seriously need more. Hope they do the Jurassic era and Triassic era in their separate series as well, and perhaps doing individual episodes where they follow one individual from birth to death.

I'm so happy this exists.


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I binged the entirety of Prehistoric Planet on Sunday. Ep 3 was my favorite, though the deserts episode was definitely a close second. It was awesome seeing sauropods depicted as something more than sluggish behemoths. The power behind that Dreadnoughtus fight was magnificent. And the Velociraptors were one of the best things I've seen in dinosaur related media in a long long time. And I think this may be my new favorite T. rex design!

Also, that ice world one was my third favorite. Seeing dinosaurs in a polar environment was reapply cool and unique. I don't think I've seen anything like it since WWD 1999. To say I loved it is an understatement. I really hope it gets a 4K home release. Thankfully the resolution wasn't restricted, because I heard AppleTV was restricting the resolution on certain TVs and computers that run Windows

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