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I love the RPF. The only bad thing about it, is that its hard on my wallet! I've been collecting Pred stuff for a long time and it keeps changing all the time. Here is a look at some of the stuff I've had over the years:


















My Current Collection:






Here's a list of some of the items:

1. Pete Mander Wolf Head
2. Predator plaques (one metal, one plastic)
3. NECA 1/4 Closed mouth Predator
4. Pete Mander Wolf Head (open mouth)
5. Narin's The Encounter kit
6. P2 Head
7. Scott Marshall's Elder Head
8. Scott Marshall's P1 Head
9. SWS/Sideshow P1 Head
10. Facehugger
11. Stormtrooper Helmet
12. T2 T-800 Endoskull
13. Jason Head with Mask
14. MP5 Airsoft
15. Finhead's Iron Man Bust
16. P2 dread (unpainted) cast from the movie mold
17. P1 dread cast from the movie mold
18. P1 Blades from Art
19. Joker Clown Mask from Tyler Haslett
20. Batman Dead End Batarang from the screen used mold
21. Morris/Rosengrant P1 Head
22. Morris/Rosengrant P1 Head (unfinished - needs more dreads)
23. Pred 1/2 bust by Terry Norton
24. P1 Plasma Canon from carlart
Best Predator Collection - Ever. Very impressive.

You'll need more room if you take on another subject ;)
That's an awesome collection, if only i got enough room to do the same... :rolleyes

The 1:1 Predator is the best i think !!!
Just a few questions :

Where did you get the P2 Bio and the Celtic one ? I speak for the both we can see on your wall ( Who are the builders ? ).
What type of stand did you used for your Predator's heads ? It seems to be very clean and it remember me lamp bases...
Richard - you've got a pretty impressive Endo collection of your own my friend ;)

wrcromu - I got both the P2 Bio and Celtic Bios from Biohunter76. The stands are just floor lamps with the tops taken off:


Here are the Bio names with the makers:


1. Batman: Dead End Batarang
2. Boar made by Biohunter76
3. Brother Boar made by Biohunter76
4. P2 Bio made by Biohunter76
5. Bull/Wang made by japgoth
6. Huntr made by Daman
7. P1 Made by Termokk
8. P1 Stunt made by George
9. P1 Stunt made by George
10. P1 ICONS made by Seahunterr
11. P1 made by hez
12. KJP1 made by Biohunter76
13. P1 Porsche Customized
14. Customized Gort
15. Celtic made by Steve Hird
16. Wolf made by Biohunter76
17. Berserker made by Biohunter76


1. Berserker made by Biohunter76
2. Bull/Wang made by japgoth
3. Brother Boar made by Biohunter76
4. Boar made by Biohunter76
5. P2 made by Biohunter76
6. Customized Gort
7. Celtic made by Steve Hird
8. Wolf made by Biohunter76
9. KJP1 made by Biohunter76
10. P1 Stunt made by George
Damn J.

Nice collection. Hard on your wallet? You should see mine. I have moths living in it.

Richard you know your Endo collection is tops.

wrcromu - I got both the P2 Bio and Celtic Bios from Biohunter76. The stands are just floor lamps with the tops taken off:

Thanks for the answer, i know who to contact on the Lair to get these babies...
The lamp idea is a pretty smart idea !!! :thumbsup
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