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For anyone who's been around the Lair for a long time, you'll be familiar with the term "Huntorial". The term describes a tutorial for any given Predator type of prop. Back when this was the Hunters Lair, I had a bunch of links in my profile that linked to the majority of my "how to" threads. Since the transfer to the Predatorium, all the links haven't been working. It took me the majority of the evening, but finally all the links have been fixed. If these can help anyone along their journey in making anything prop-related, then that's all that matters. My apologies for the duplicate photos in some of the threads...I have no idea what happened there.

What’s On My Workbench

My Predator Replica Prop Collection

My Predator Artwork

How to Sculpt a Bio Helmet

The Creation of my Predator Suit

How to Make an Armature to Sculpt a Bio Onto

How to Hang a Bio from the Wall

Narin’s “The Encounter” Kit Paintup

Painting a Wolf Bio Helmet

Custom Gort Bio

Restoring a P1 Porsche Bio Helmet

Commissioned P1 Bio (cast from the screen used mold) for Art Andrews

How to Paint a P1 Stunt Bio (cast from the screen used mold)

How to Paint a Pete Mander Wolf Latex Head

Painting a DBP1 Latex Head Step by Step

P1, P2, Elder and Wolf Heads:

Morris / Rosengrant Bust Paintups

Howard P1 Resin Head

Stan Winston Studios T-Rex Bust Build and Paint-up

Arnie Gets Plastic Surgery
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I've been so confused because I havent been active since HuntersLair days, didnt even know of predatorium, now its RPF apparently. And now NONE of the links work again! Has anybody updated this listing?? I feel like now in 2021 this entire community is very inactive.

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