PREDATORS Movie Virgin


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OK Due to my luck living in a Country that hosted the World Olympics and The World Expo, you would think a simple little movie like PREDATORS would get shown?

The answer is NO (or at least not yet but praying for miracles here).

So Yeah I think I am the only one who won't be seeing this movie until the DVD comes out. IF you are unlucky like me join the club (probably none seeing the Review thread)
I know I could just spend some loot and fly 2 hours away to Japan or Taiwan and catch it there but it ain't gonna happen.

So I envy all of you guys. Enjoy the movie, watch it couple of more times for me. The funny thing is I have missed AVP, AVPR and Predators in theaters ever since being in China.
Fkin Sad.


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Ummm,no.still haven't seen it and really don't know when I'll see it.guess I'll see it when the time is right,lol.I'm a patient man.


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I keep checking the local listings. There's a 1% chance that it could play in China. All the sites IMDB and doesn't list Taiwan and Hong Kong as playing the movies even though those countries do show the movie now. So shall we all Pray?

I'll even settle for cut scenes like skinless bodies and whutnot which is not uncommon for movies played in China. Even Iron Man they fizzed out words like Russia.

The Little Pred

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Isaw the movie on friday and it was not exactly good but, there was lot lot of cool stuff and they also refer to the original Predator which is cool. They also but back the original Preator theme of the first movie There was only 3 new Preds and one old style but in the trailer there is a lot of them.I was disapointed Warning big news***EDITED*** PLEASE DO NOT PUT SPOILERS IN HERE!!!. Why did they do that? Please tell me if I'm wrong but this movie could be better in many ways


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way to go dude now if uratz does get to see it you just told him what happens. top notch guy, way to go!


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Venting some stress



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same problem mike sadly i cant see it til it comes out on dvd either so that really sucks except if i wanted i could drive to anther province and watch it but i dont really feel like it as well the FBI closed down the movie site i use so that sucks even worse.


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I haven't seen it yet my cinima isn't showing it till later but hopefully I will see it Friday in the next cinema close to me I hope u get to see it mike I wouldn't want one of my favourite sculptors to miss out

My prayers and well wishes go out to you mate

raiyuri works

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Don't worry Mike, you'll still get to see it on dvd but it sucks that you wont be able to see it on theaters. Still hope that the 1% chance gets through though.*crosses fingers*


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Dutchies like me have to wait till 29th, others even a week longer...

If it's any help: the downloads are already available in barely watchable quality...
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