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A Hunters Moon

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I was rewatching the movies recently and was wondering if a true definition of predator symbols and numbers has ever been given.

Wouldn't the first pic you posted be numeric instead of alphabetic? Seeing as how it's used as a countdown device in the first film. Or how about the glyphs from AVP. Man I wish there was a concrete understanding of it all. I'm just trying to get a better grasp of the language use. Found myself very curious all of a sudden.


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The first image above is the alphabet as it corresponds with English, just as it shows. I also made an icon package a few years ago based on it shown below. I'm not sure what the 2nd set of symbols stand for as there are 40 characters, but they are seen in the newer films.

Seriously though, it is a strange thing for any alphabet to have corresponding letters to each of our letters in our alphabet unless they are also of West Germanic origin. Most languages on earth do not have corresponding alphabets that relate directly to English unless they have the same root origin (French, Spanish, etc). Japanese has over 40 characters in each of two different alphabets and they use Kanji (Chinese) characters also, in which there are thousands of symbols. Whoever put the Yautja alphabet into corresponding letters in English, did so in order to make a font, which can be found in a download HERE




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Found this, dunno if its any use to anybody???

Amedha Meat
Awu'asa Full body armour
Aseigan Servant
Bakuub Straight spear
Bpi-de End
C'jit! "Damn!", "Sh*t!", general expletive
C'ntlip Drink, intoxicating beverage
Ch'hkt-a Hyperactive, nervous energy
Chiva Trial, test
Cetanu God of Death
Da'dtou-di Little knife
Dachande Different knife (broken tusk)
Dhi'ki-de Unconscious, coma
Dtai'Kai-dte sa-de nau'gkon dtain'aun bpi-de "The fight begun would not end until the end"
Dtai'k-de Fight
Dt Tree
Ell-osde You
Ell-osde' pauk! "F..k you!"
Gkei'moun Easy, simple
Gkinmara Video camera
Gkinmaru Sensors (on a ship)
Gry'sui-bpe Stampede
Guan Night
Guan-thwei "Night Blood"
H'chak Mercy
H'dlak Fear
H'ka-se Now
H'sai-de A scythe-like sword
Hulij-bpe Crazy
Hult'ah Sentry, guard, observer
Hiju Combat stance, fighting position
Jehdin Individual, one
Jehdin Jehdin One on one, hand-to-hand combat
Ka'rik'na "The Summoning" (of other Yautja)
Kainde Hard, solid
Kainde Amedha Hard meat (xenomorphs)
Kainde Amedha Chiva "Hard Meat Trial"
Kehrite Training ground, arena
Kantra Prayer
Ki its-pa Spear
Ki'cti-pa Wristblades
Ki'dte Enough
Kv'var Excercises, hunts
Kwei Sly, tricky
L'ulij-bpe Mad, crazy
Lou-dte Kalei Child maker (female Yautja, male insult)
M-di H'chak No mercy
M-di H'dlak No fear
Mei'hswei Brother
Mesh'in'ga "The battle dreamtime"
Mi Fuel, oil
Mo No
N'dui'se Yautja 'musk', scent
Nain-de Type of hunt
Nain-desintye-de "The Pure Win", absolute victory
Nan-de Than gaun "Kiss of Midnight", no mercy
Nan-ku Alive
Naxa Type of fruit
Nihkou'te Tusk
Nok Unit of measurement (approx. 13 inches)
Ooman Human (slang)
Paya God, conquering warrior
Payas Leitjin-de Hma'mi-de "Remember God's Practice"
Pauk F..k
Pauk-de F..ker, f..king
Pyode Soft
Pyode Amedha Soft meat (human)
Rjet type of animal
S'pke A fruit stew
S'yuit-de Coward, pathetic, low and demeaning description
Setg'-in Quick and deadly
Tarei'hasan Small insect, unworthy opponent
Te-dqi Xenomorph secretion or texture
Thei-de Death, die, kill
Thin-de le'hasuan 'aloun'myin-del bpi-de gka-de hasou-de paya "Learn the gifts of all sights, or finish in the dance of the fallen gods"
Thwei Blood
Tjau'ke Packed dirt or dust, type of rock
Tyioe-ti Escape Pod
U'sl-kwe "Final Rest" (death)
Ui'stbi Geography
Yautja Predator species
Yeyinde "Brave One"
Z'skvy-de Birth of xenomorph from host, chestburster eruptive phase
Zabin Type of insect
Zazin Completely centred, within ones self
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