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Hi all

it was national comic book day a while ago,a good friend of mine who owns a comic/toy shop asked me to attend in my pred suit

it was a great day out and i have made some great friends from it,one is a member on here PREDMAUL70

he makes his own suits and to say they are awesome is an understatement,he is currently working on hs own pred suit so stay tuned!

he is in the sand person suit which he made himself,

the other starwars suits were really cool





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Hey man thanks for the kind words.It was great to finally meet with you,your suit rocks ! It was a good day ,heres to the next ,who knows I might have mine done by then ,if not Mr. Maul will be coming out to play!!!!!


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if any of you are wondering how cool predmaul70's darth maul costume is?? feast you eyes



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Outstanding pics, good times I'm sure! As for Preds interacting with the StarWars universe,
we were there on Endor, making trophies of both sides! Remember, heat and conflict bring us.....
See I was there, and collected the Ewok chief's head! What a picnic!


Seriously, I have alot of friends in the 501st, and I assure you they have as much respect for the
Preds as we do for them. There are many here among us, *cough*VaderDave*cough*! :)
I added the Ewok trophy to my suit as a wink and nod to StarWars fans, as I'm a fan myself!
So keep your blades sharp and may the force be with you! :(


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nicely done paint ninja!!!

thanks for your comments guys

tehel1te id love to see your biker scout and boba fett


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haha love the trophy ive aways wanted a stormy helmet on a pole or something like that for my suit i thought it would look cool


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Hahaha thats so cool man, I always love it when the Star Wars Universe and the Preds come together. Always a lot of fun and the best pictures at the conventions!

Keep it up guys! :)


Mr Fett

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Been a 501st member since the year 2000, myself. Just trooped last night for a Weird Al Yankovic concert, in fact.

There's another Lair member in this photo as well.
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Hot pics man!!!!! Very good P1 suit as well. Yeah, it always seem like the Star Wars Universe is right around the corner from Predators everywhere. Close galaxy......must be!


Mr Fett

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awesome i love weird al!!

which one is you fett??

3rd from the left. You can see me peeking through and you can see my Fett jetpack missile sticking up between the first and second guy. The guy on the left of me standing in the back on the chair is new Lair member Hyper. There's thousands of 501st members world-wide, and I swear nobody and I mean nobody troops as many events as Hyper does. He's legendary!

Mr Fett

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he sounds like a legend!!!

id love to see your fett costume!

Yeah, us locals think he is. Besides working a full time job, Hyper also averages around 80 troops per year, each year.
52 weeks in a year the math. He costumes a lot.

As for my costume, here's one pic. Ignore the people in the front and look at me in the back.
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