Predator vs Batman 2.0


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A recent kit diorama i finshed using the Narin double axe pred as the star. I picked up first place in kit contest in the sci-fi/Horror catagory at Monsterpalooza this past weekend. Thanks for viewing.






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dude! that is ******* AWESOME! very inspiring work buddy, excellent paintup! very well done :popcorn:

love the trophies and the use of his own weapon to hang him from, SOO friggin cool. i could go on, but i'll stop.


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Yeah, I can't believe I missed this last year too. Went completely under the radar.

Love it! Way to bash and customize. Waaaay cool.


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I'd really like to see Killer Croc go at it with a Pred.

I do agree though, ol' Batsy would actually get destroyed. He may get his licks in, but he would get completely eviscerated.
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