Predator Temple In Thailand


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I'm going through Asia and we stop off at this awesome white temple, and low and behold I see this.
And these trophies next to it!
This is the palace, inside there is actually a large painting of alien and pred, as well as other movie characters like batman in amongst thai mythology pics. Couldnt take pics tho.

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wow, imagine that, on vacation visiting a temple and finding a predator statue(or half) , amazing find, thanks for sharing....would love to have on my lawn something like that (if i had a lawn) lol :D
Ha! that is so cool :) That looks gorgeous...the white palace I mean. I'd love to take a look at the inside!!!! Hope you're having fin in Asia!
that is awesome. the place looks amazing. where abouts in thailand is this place?. would be a great place to visit if I ever get there lol
I will have to get back to you on that, from memory it was on the bus trip from Bangkok to Chang Mai. I am currently doing a book with my journal and I can't find my journal as it is in storage but one day when I find it I will post where it is at lol. From memory the Kings' artist built it and painted it.
This temple is called Wat Rong Khun located in Chiang Rai

I found pictured of the alien and predator paintings inside last night but now I can't find them lol
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