Want to Buy Predator Suit - parts?

Blue Scorpion

New Member
Hi Guys.... Merry Christmas!

I'm looking to get a predator suit / outfit of some kind, I'm gutted I missed this one http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=270109 in the junk yard a couple of weeks ago, that would have been ideal to start with as this will be my first foray into this arena,
I love predator and have seen the amazing stuff that some of you guys put out there and am just dying to get kitted out properly - one day!
However the downside to this request is there is a budget (aint there always!) my preference is for the green suit but beggars cant be choosers eh?
The budget is £300 (yeah I know, I know) I realise that prob wont get me far but if I could get something like the above mentioned link (head, torso, arms and hands,etc) it would be a great start. So if anyone is feeling festively charitable I'm here! ohh and it would be great to get asap as I might even be able to get it presentable to go out NYE.
Thanks for reading...... hoping to hear from someone soon


PS....... I'm in the UK :)