Predator Sounds (Help Please)


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Hey guys need a little help.
Here is what I need... I'm looking for links or predator sounds. If you can find sounds such as predator clicking, avp roar, cannon and computer gauntlet and wrist blade sounds. It would be great.

If you can will you send them to my email

I would really appreciate all your help
Thanks jonney
hi guan the link u sent me for the audio, when i clicked the audio they were all dead links.

thanks sean.

Keep them coming guys the more links the better!
so far all the ones i have are useful!
anyone have sounds of the wrist blades, computer,cannon, avp roar, etc?
Could someone please email me the predator sounds. So I can load up for my suit. The website doesnt have decent quality. Thank you for any help.
what kind of sound board are you using ? I have one that is only cappable of using one speaker and when i load clear sounds to it its up as loud as i can make it and it's all crackly i need to find a better set up. I would like to know what you are using thanks.  
Not sure if the question was directed to me or not, but I'm using my old android smart phone and a simple home built amp with a pair of small speakers (one in the pack, and a smaller one in the front of the bio.  It's not totally installed in the suit yet, but I'll post up some pics if I happen to get any.  I'm also using Audicity to mix/mash up some of the sounds into longer loops, and mixing a few of the shorter ones together.  

what i'm using is an old ipod and a small speaker which is loud enough
i've all the predator sounds on it and it's perfect
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