Predator Skin


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Dude, really?? I know you're new but so am i. Search and read my friend, search and read. Remember google is your friend.


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Check around online as far as pricing to see where you can get the cheapest latex, but your going to need around a gallon like the other posters stated and that will get you anywhere from a few coats covering the entire suit up to about 6 good coats. One gallon most places you find it is going to run you around $50 to $60, but look around and you might find it cheaper. How many coats you go with is completely up to you so you might be able to get by with less. I just started latexing mine and I did 6 coats on the chest and whole mid section, around 3 to 4 on the arms and legs to give it a little more maneuverability, and i've only used a half gallon so far. Of course I've only done the front of the suit, so the other half a gallon will get me the rest of the way to finishing the back and being done, but like I said, It's really going to depend on you and how many coats you decide to go with.