Predator Rescue Team - Hawkins

Art Andrews

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A group of us are costuming the Rescue team seen in Predator 1 at Comic Con this year and I am costuming as Hawkins.

Here is an early test fitting shot:


and the final pack (which was insanely expensive for what it is...)

and Hawkins MP5 all weathered up.


Should have more shots after the show.
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That is so cool.  I can't wait to see the rest of the team especially Dutch and Blain with the mini gun.  Poor Hawkins didn't even get to see what hit him.  First to go.


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Haha great!
Very well done. Good idea, well done!
I'm looking forward to the rest of the group!
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That's awesome!! Can't wait to see the pictures! Too bad we can't make it down to CC. Would have been cool to get some shots of you guys with Baby Pred. :(

Art Andrews

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So... here are a few teasers. We had pro shots taken in front of the hotel which had something of a "jungle-like" backdrop. Not perfect, but better than concrete and stairs. As soon as I get the pro-shots, will post them up!

Overall, very pleased! Now we just need to find a good Mac (we had one, but he couldn't make it at the last minute), Anna, and Dillon!



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Awesome job guys!  Sorry we missed you.  We ended up going anyway.  Didn't have passes, but hung out around the Con on Sunday.  Kayla stayed in her Baby Predator for a total of seven hours!  We were all so impressed with her.  We are on our way to Vegas for the weekend. Got to get a picture of the tiny Predator infront of the Vegas sign.  ;)

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