Predator remake news

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Rodriguez already wrote a Predator screenplay back in 1996, called "Predator- the hunt" and begun by having a speederbike-rippof (as in return of the jedi) between Spanish Gallions (Hence the gun on the P2 Predator). Later this was rumored to have both Dutch and Harrigan go to the Predator homeworld to do some Unreal Tournamentesque duel there...

In the end: if this is a reboot like Batman and Terminator: I'm all game, just keep the quality up.

A reboot might just as well be a P3 IMO, it's just freshing up to 2009...


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Didnt rodriguez want to do p3?

1st impressions either way are BAH. followed by FFS.

but ill till probably go see it hehe


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I don't think that anyone has pasted that info yet, so it must be pretty new.

I wonder why they are using the term "reboot" instead of remake?

IF in fact they are remaking it and just adding more Preds, then that's pretty shaky ground to be on.

I like the idea of another Predator movie without Aliens in it. And if they add more Preds and do it properly, it could just be the boost that the Predator franchise needs.

Think about it for one second before you go and say that it should never be done. AVPR gave us Wolf and he's pretty ******* cool. The movie may have sucked donkey balls, but we have the Wolf, so its not a total loss.

IF they remake Predator and introduce more Preds, it could be very cool...again, only IF they do it right.

I'm all for the another movie...I'd love to see more Bio designs, weapons, and different head designs. But it would have to be done well and be able to keep the interest of the general public as well as the die hard fans.

The fact that they don't have a director or a script means that this movie is still a long way from becoming a reality.

I'm not opposed to remakes...there are a few good ones. I'm anxious to see the Friday the 13th remake that's out next month. Jason looks like he's taken an adrenaline shot!!!

Who knows...we have 4 movies with Predators and a few well done fan films...I don't think we've seen the last of the Predator on the big screen...;)


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Reboot = fresh start, Terminator Salvation is called a reboot but relies on known characters, yet breaks new ground. New style, new atmosphere: reboot.

Remake= use the very same synopsis to let the same characters die in similar ways in similar timing, but with cool new gizmo's and effects...

One of the few remakes I tolerate is The Thing, which even by today's standards is creepy and thrilling.

On you're wolf comment:
If you buy a sportscar, you want it to be awesome. Not a Honda 1984 model with a souped up doorhandle, so you can say the car is utter *****, but the doorhandle is fricking state of the art, so it's not a total loss...

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Yeah i'm all for Predator getting a shot in the arm and like some of you said even a remake will mean we have new designs etc, and it doesn't mean the 1st one never happened.
I'm a big Wolf fan and if AVPR hadnt happened i wouldn't have an awesome Casey Wolf bio on my wall, so lets hope it goes somewhere and doesn't just fizzle out.
I got the link from the news section of AVP galaxy and they're waiting for confirmation from fox before they get too exited...


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HMMMMMMMMMMMM...........well if its another Predator movie then im down,BUT NO REMAKE OF THE ORIGINAL......PLEASE


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Sounds interesting.
More than one Predator sounds good and its not AVP wonder if anyone from Fox has been on the Lair and had a look at what we have said.

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I'm all for it...IF they do it right, which they probably won't. Even if they don't, it'll still be cool to see the new bio designs and preds they come up with. On the whole, colour me interested to see what they do. I will continue to live in blind optimism that they won't screw it up. ;)

Half Knife

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As long as it isn't just tooooooo screwed up, I'll go to see the Predator every time. Reboot - fine, remake - you don't have to remake something that was awesome and groundbreaking when it came out, just because a string of morons has made ****** movies in the franchise. Listen to the fans, do it right, spend the money, get a great script, great cast, competent director, rate it "R", promote it well, and take it to at least two hours. Make an awesome Predator movie, and the rewards will be awesome as well.


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Reboot is shaky. "Re-imagined" is taboo. I agree with most of you, they should just go ahead and make P3, there's no need to re-invent anything. A fresh story that stays with the established canon of pred-dom would be welcome. Enough with the remakes, Hollywood!


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Reboot is too subjective, i mean what are they thinking? start the series again like they did with batman ( one of the better reboots ) and forget Predator and Predator 2 even existed?
my answer to this is .

NO NO NO NO . . . BAD MONKEY ! ! !

AS said . . . .P3, ok your not going to use a number 3 in the title as the seems the "COOL" thing to do in hollywood at the moment, is to just have another word after th title.

Batman The dark knight
Countless Matrix
Superman returns

etc etc. Just remember.

simple ingredients.

The pred or preds are the bad guys, they die or mostly die in the end.
you got it partly right with wolf, so please dont go back to heroic scar slow mo running with the object of his affection ********.

if you do , see . . . BAD MONKEY !!!!

Good Director.
Good Cast.
Good Script.
Decent Budget.

Its not that hard i mean comon FOX, go back to basics eh.


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Why would you want to remake PREDATOR? Why? I just don't see the point; I really don't.

Alright, here it is - You do NOT touch the original movie. You do NOT do another "interpretation" of the first Predator movie. You do NOT do a "reboot." You do NOT do a "re-imagined" version of Predator. You WILL leave Predator and Predator 2 alone. This ******** about trying to reinvent the wheel needs to stop; I'm ******* sick of it.

How ******* dare you. How ******* dare you think that you can "re-do" Predator. I know you, and I know how you think - "We can do it better and a lot cheaper!!!" No, **** off... I'm sick of this chinsy ******** about trying to save money. You're goddamn FOX! God will run out of money before you do. That's what it's all about right, the money? It's not about the art of the creature suits, or the performances of the actors; no it's about how you can sucker an audience into seeing your movie. You tease us and lure us into paying $15 (depending on where you live) to see a movie that we knew we wouldn't like, and by the time it's over it's too late to get our money back. Well son of a bitch if that isn't quite the swindle. I'm out $15 and a piece of my brain that your stupid, *******-cock movie killed.

Do you really think that if you could remake "Predator," it'd be anything close to the original? Gonna skimp on the budget? Gonna give ADI a $100,000 and 2 weeks to make some creature suits? I don't think so. I do think that if you want to do another Predator movie, you will give it back to Stan Winston Studios. Seeing as how you've retardified the last two installments, it's the least you can do. I realize that alot of members here on the board are quite gay over "The Wolf" from AVP:R, but no. He wasn't all that. We need to quit being so ready to accept anything that they put out. You know what, I'm done; I can't go on because this kinda stuff just pisses me off - MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!! How many scripts have you gotten from fans that were far superior to anything your writers could put out? It's stupid, all of it.

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Again I say we nominate Rob for official pred movie critic and commentator. Couldn't have said it better---love your prose, amigo! ;)
Regardless of who should or shouldn't make the suits for the next installment----It's not fair that ADI was given a ridiculously abbreviated amount of time to design and construct the suits for AVP-R, compared to AVP. Rob's sarcasm about that point is well founded.


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if your going to make a 3rd movie go ahead and make it...

but to try and "remake" "reboot" "rehash" an existing story seems pretty pointless..

the reason predator was so effective as a film was because we didn't "see" the creature till almost the end of the had a very effective OH **** factor that can't be duplicated.

lets just use some of what has been "remade"

The omen=Sucked
Planet of the apes=REALLY SUCKED!!!
Pink Panther= peter sellers must be turning in his grave SUCKED SO BAD!

we could go on, but lets be honest it's all about the mighty dollar..if there is a profit to be made with a franchise that has an audience already established..the studio execs will always try to go after that.

we can bitch nad moan all we want but lets face it people...if it comes down to it...

we will always lose out to the $


New Member
I mirror what Rob said!
except for the gay Wolf part. I like wolf.
The biggest problem they keep having is the lack of a good script, and good director.

OT: Hey Rob how's the P2 repaint going?


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